TCR Australia is coming and I’m already in love.

November 24, 2018

Wheel to wheel excitement. Cars that people actually drive. A new generation of manufacturer rivalries. TCR Australia is offering a lot with its opening season next year, it’s guaranteed to thrill.

Now I want to make it clear before I continue my over excited rant. This isn’t an ad, I’m just super keen, and you should be too. TCR Australia will be running as a support series as a part of the Shannons Nationals, currently there are four confirmed manufacturers, Audi, Hyundai, VW, and Honda.

At Island Magic this weekend we have been treated to a demonstration of the Audi RS3 strutting it’s stuff around the Philip Island Grand Prix Circuit. It was accompanied by a fellow Touring Car Racer VW Golf in the paddock area where they peaked the interest of many a spectator.

While it’s capped at 20 cars next year, it probably won’t boast the same level of excitement at every corner as the European series. However, it will set the stage for future years of the series, with mentions of endurance races, and potentially bigger field in 2020.

So pick a manufacturer to support, and get as pumped as I am. TCR is not just a whole new world of fun for Australian Motorsport. It’s an opening for new talent working through the ranks.

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