Cars and Coffee!! 13th Jan 2018

January 13, 2018

It’s been 5 months since I had last gotten out to a meet like this, between the hectic battle of my 3 bands, and a full time job, when Cars and Coffee comes along relief hits me. I can settle down, go for a drive, and see a bunch of rad cars!

More Photos Below!

Today I met Sarah from Drive Against Depression, Sarah and her husband Adam deserve all the attention in the world. At any one time in Australia roughly 1 million people have diagnosed depression, and these guys are out there fighting it one car trip at a time! So pay them a visit at and read about their amazing story!

The Saint Side crew had the regular stall up and running, leaving me emptying my wallet out over a cool shirt again. With some rad bikes on display, and another low Subaru, the hype for their up coming 9th Annual Show and Shine is quite high!  More info here:

See you there!