Downshift – Coburg Drive In Cinemas 29/07/2017

July 29, 2017

Well it’s been a quiet 3 months for me here, with work, and music getting in the way of photos I finally had a weekend free and ready!20170729-451A0992

Anyway, this week I purchased a new lens for my camera, I thought this would be the best day to give it a run, however the meet that I thought was on, is actually on the 19th of August, so I quickly searched for somewhere to go online, and this is what I came across. 20170729-451A0997

The winds were crazy, dust and gravel kicking through the air, yet the ambiance of the gale force winds was cut through with the  queue of warbles of your favourite Japanese engines. 20170729-451A0996Yes there were cars from other parts of the world, but even the common household Commodores and Falcons that come out in their droves are out numbered by the land of the rising sun/


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