Country Roads and Camo | The Ex-Army Land Rover Perentie

September 13, 2016

It’s not everyday you get to see an old Australian Army Land Rover, and it’s definitely not everyday you get to borrow one for a weekend. Well that happened to me last week, so I took the opportunity from this amazing generosity, and took some photos.

This car to put it plainly, is simple and raw, not made for a weekend road trip the seats are a thin leather lined pillow on chunks of metal, no cup holders, or centre console between the seats, so a small fire arms rack suited to two standard issue rifles, first used in 1988 the Land Rover 110 was the main workhorse of the Australian Military. However Project Land 121 has seen this unbreakable beasts honourably discharged and replaced with the newer Mercedes G Wagons, leaving Australian Frontline Machinery with the opportunity to auction them off to willing buyers. Auctions start at as little as $9 and have no reserve, and they cover everything, from the whole army Land Rover range, to trucks and bikes.

On the freeway it was loud, in towns the steering was a shoulder workout, and getting back into my old R31, it felt like a luxury limo. However, I couldn’t help but to want one, badly, and I may or may not get one for myself in the near future.

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