Silver Sunset | Daniel’s WRX

August 20, 2018

Daniel’s love of cars started early in life, and he has always gravitated towards the Subaru due to his cousins being owners. Little did he know that the blue WRC jacket wearing kid from Bendigo would grow up to be driving this 2015 STI, keeping the flame alive.

Daniel wanted a car with modern technology and comfort, and his passion for JDM automotive culture drove him towards this WRX. Unfortunately, it hasn’t all been the perfect dream coming to life.

After 30,000kms the Subaru fit the stereotype, a ringland failure formed a major roadblock. But hey, it’s a WRX, and roadblocks are nothing to a WRX, just ask Colin McRae. Daniel rebuilt the car with a closed deck motor, 264 Kelford cams, a Blouch Dominator turbo, and equal length headers. After all of this it’s tuned for e85 and has all the supporting mods expected. The car also sits nice on MCA red coilovers, and some WedsSport RN05M wheels fresh from japan wrapped in Michelin Pilot super sport 4s. This is a street car built for the odd hill climb or track day, a perfect balance of comfort, and fun.


One of the best things about this car is the unique sound from the roaring 2.5L flat 4 bellowing through the custom exhaust system.  It’s made up of Prospeed Racing equal length headers, an Invidia catted down pipe, and a Namless Performance system from the cat back.

Aside from the troubles, owning this car has been nothing short of a positive experience for Daniel. The learning curve has taught him a lot, and it has brought in a bunch of good friends that help along the way! He’s taken it on a few hill climbs around country Victoria, and aside from tearing the local dirt roads, he plans on a few track days in the future! We’ll have to check in with Daniel again soon!

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Photos by N. Cardwell
Written by N. Cardwell
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