Taming the Hill | Sei’s R32

August 7, 2018

Not everyone in the world can say they skipped class, and travelled 10 hours in total to pick up a car they found online. Personally, if I had of done something like this, I probably would have gotten a solid whip around the ear.


Sei was the first person I ran into on the practice day up at Bryant Park on the weekend. Over 2 days, he ended up being somewhat of a guide. How the event worked, the rules, the fun behind the weekend, he had so much knowledge to share, even though it was his first time actually taking the car around the hill.

Sei dropped $3000 on his R32 whilst back in high school, he saw it online, did the 5 hour round trip by car to make a deposit, then skipped school the next day to go by train, complete the transaction, and drive it back. Like many cheap purchases, it had it’s list of stuff to fix:

  • Most of the paint was faded, worst part being a roof of almost bare steel.
  • Wheels completely out of alignment.
  • Front brakes were gone.
  • So was the power steering

On top of this, an array fo electrical faults saw the car needing a lot of attention.


This car has parts from Pulsars, Camrys, and Pintaras, on a tight budget Sei has managed to make everything fit as he needs, and according to him, aside from small issues here and there, the car is pretty reliable, and fun to drive.


Today was Sei’s first attempt at any hillclimb, and not knowing much of the event myself, I must say, it was fun to watch. The non turbo RB20 was more than enough in this setting, the complex winding twists of the track demanding more skill than it does horsepower. Especially when you come down the dip to the blind corner called “Oh Shit” by the locals (below). It was a change from timing himself on country backroads, as you can’t exactly push as much as you really want on public streets.


Unfortunately, after countless practice runs on the Saturday, and 3 timed runs on the Sunday, Sei had to pull the car from the hill. He noticed a small leak in his power steering hose. To avoid dumping fluid on the track, he decided not continue. Although he wasn’t the fastest on the day, he was happy with his times, it was the first time, and he is doing this event to better himself as a driver not be the fastest.

The total coverage from the two days of the hillclimb can be seen from the home page! Just click the logo sitting above the R32 at the top of the page!

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