Cool and Unexpected| Nik’s Jeep Patriot

July 30, 2018

It was probably about time a feature happened, and seeing as I haven’t really made the time to organise anyone from my own city (there’s a few coming I promise). I’ve outsourced the freshman feature!


Enter Nik, and his menacing Jeep Patriot. At the time of writing Nik’s Patriot has only clocked over 14,000 miles (thats about 22,530 kilometres for those of us who use the right units in the world), and even though it’s relatively new, this patriot has already been through a decent list of modifications with a stack more to come!


IMG_20180606_230053_353 (1)

Now the Jeep Patriots come with a Global Engine Alliance designed 2.0L engine shared with the freaken Lancer! So you know Nik is prepping to drop in a rally art turbo, along with the stream of upgrades to be expected with such a task (rods, cams, pistons, etc.).



Sitting nice at the moment on a set over Avid1 AV20s, with a decent drop due to a few suspension mods, our boy from Phoenix, Arizona has his heart set on a pair of Rotiform CCVs, with another inch to come off the already low height. Look’s like we are going to have to check in on Nik in a year!


Photos by D. Matta and N. Morrison

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